Let's respect each other, life is at stake!


We want road users to respect each other, to act with awareness of each other and to observe the rules of the road whether driving or cycling.

Peter Sagan

Professional cyclist


Why we do it?

In major European cities, the number of cyclists on the roads has as much as doubled during the Covid pandemic. 

Cyclists account for 30% of people hospitalised as a result of road traffic accidents in the EU.

The proportion of cyclists among the total number of people killed on the roads in the EU stands at 8%.

Insufficient distance when overtaking is responsible for 25% of accidents with cyclists.

3 million Czechs ride bikes. 7 million Czechs have a driving licence.

Leaving an insufficient gap when overtaking is one of the main causes of accidents.


Summer and autumn 2021
Mixing with people again!

Practice makes perfect. We can now meet with people again – at motoring and cycling events. We will publish further videos. We will organise a round table for laymen and professionals, cyclists and motorists.

Winter 2021

Show respect!

We are widening the scope of our project. We are focusing not only on safe overtaking, but also on observing other rules - by both motorists and cyclists. 

Spring 2021

At petrol stations

We are visible in the field! The campaign for safe roads can be seen at OMV petrol stations. We are also launching a public awareness campaign in the media. We are shooting new videos.

How will we achieve it?


How can you help?

You too can support the project 1.5 metres – by purchasing stickers. The money raised will help fund our educational campaign. 



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